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Code to join this league: 8067783

A few things to consider in the first week

of SkysSport Fantasy Football

First off all, if you register before 17th of August 11.30 you can make as many substitutions as you want. You can play around with your team and try different line ups depending on how you want to play. For example is Gareth Bale out with an injury for the first game, so that would have changed many starting line ups. Another BIG thing to consider is that Chelsea have a double game week, which mean they will play two times, so its well worth add 3 players from their team, and captain (double points) one of those players.

This is the official SkySport Fantasy Football game. To join this league please first create a fantasy team on the official website! After you have registered and created your team you can then go to leagues and put in the code from above and you are automatically in the FantasyLeaguesUK ​which is the official league for this website.

Overall leader

To be decided!

To be decided!

To be decided!

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SkySport Fantasy Scoring System


Offensive defenders such as Leighton Baines  seems to be favoured in this bonus system. Last season he didn't get enough credit for his crosses and goal scoring opportunities. It doesn't hurt that he also will get points for tackles, clearances and blocks.

Scoring points in SkySport Fantasy Football is pretty straight forward, and follow the same concept as the official barclay premier league scoring system.

A few of the differences is that all players that score are awarded 5 points, they also have a "Man of the Match" bonus that gives 5p, this is awarded to the player that is nominated by the employees of SkySports.

​Goalkeepers have received a push in points generated by saves, and now receives 2p for each 5 saves. Players that do 60+ passes also get 2 bonus points, and players that are frequent tacklers also get 2 bonus points per 4 successful tackles.


Defensive players such as Cheick Tiote that gets a lot of yellow/red cards, gives away free-kicks  Good that Carragher / Dunne have retired from Premier League football, otherwise they would be a risky pick as well.

This season you have a total of 40 transfers, after the first game-week is locked in.

The Captain Change

A new feature is that you within the game-week can change your captain! So, lets assume you have your captain playing on the Saturday, and another of your players have a game on the Sunday, in theory you can switch your captain so you get double point for two of your players! Surely this is something we all need to try out!

What is better than to try it this very first game-week when both Aston Villa and Chelsea have double games. Mata to be captain first, then switch to Benteke?!

SkySport News For This Fantasy Season