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The Telegraph Fantasy Football

Code to join this league: 8040643


A few things to consider for The Telegraph Fantasy Football

First off all, as for all fantasy leagues, is that if you register before the deadline on the17th of August 11.30, you can make as many substitutions as you want. After that you can do a specific amount of changes each game week. The Telegraph have a bit different rules to other fantasy leagues, you can do a maximum of 30 changes (that is less than one a week!) and a maximum of 5 per game week. Before the season start you can play around with your team and try different line ups depending on how you want to play. 

This is a new fantasy league I have never tried before, they have good cash prizes however, so it might be something for you as well! To join this league please first create a fantasy team on the official website! After you have registered and created your team you can then go to leagues and put in the code from above and you are automatically in the FantasyLeaguesUK ​which is the official league for this website.

Overall leader

To be decided!

To be decided!

To be decided!

manager of the month


How do you score points in fantasy football?

Most websites have slightly different rules, most sites will however give points for the following:

  • A clean sheet - Mainly for defenders and goalkeepers
  • Goals scored - All players gets 5 points
  • ​Key contributing to a goal (assists)

​You can also get deductions of points:

  • Yellow/Red card
  • ​Concede a goal (only for defenders and goalkeepers)
  • ​Missing a penalty
  • Score an own goal

The Telegraph is rather generous when it comes to prizes, that is the main reason I joined their competition. The graphical part of their site isn't the best, but that left aside its not a bad alternative to the other competitions

A few of the highlight when it comes to prizes are:

  • ​1-20 with cash prizes from £40,000 to £50
  • ​Manager of the month £1,000 2nd get £100 and 3rd gets £50
  • ​Manager of the week get £200

​Amazing prizes at The Telegraph Fantasy Football